Cheap Volunteer Appreciation Ideas

When our services rely on volunteers it is essential we appreciate them. Here are a few cheap ways we appreciate volunteers on our teams:

Text messages: Check in and see how they are doing. A simple ‘what’s up’ can go a long way. 

Birthday cards: Purchasing cards in mass quantity can be pretty cheap but it is going to go a long way when you remember their birthday. 

Invite to partake in the idea process: This goes for creatives especially. We love when people value our ideas. A simple invite to a brainstorm meeting can go a long way to building equity. Even if you know the time doesn’t work for them, being remembered brings value. 

Coffee: When someone fills in last minute, a little special something can go along way in building equity. Bringing them their favorite coffee and a handwritten thank you card can add equity to the tank. 

Surprise and Delight: Having a small treat for the team every now and then, just because, creates a since of value. Maybe it is some candy you got the day after Halloween in the green room. Or you kick off summer with popsicles between services, whatever it is something unexpected brings value. 

How do you value your teams in budget-friendly ways?

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