Let’s All Create IV of IV


This is part two of a four-part series. Some of the concepts explored refer to an early blog post you can find here, here and here.

As artists we yearn to create, we desire to make and we long for our voice to be heard. And that desire, that deep longing, was encouraged by someone in your life. 

Someone came along and told you, you are good enough. Someone came along and called out a God-given talent in your life. Someone came along and invited you to create. 

That person, they hold a special place in your heart — the one who said “yes, you with the guitar! come create cool things with me!”. 

When we call others into creating, we are doing more than clearing our plate, we are giving purpose to others. 

And now it is your turn. As an artist, as a leader, as a Christian, we have a responsibility to see and encourage other artist, to call out their God-given talent and create a save place for them to create. 

This is not easy. Insecurity often comes with being an artist, with being human. Those insecurities lead us to desire to be the best. To long to kick others out of the game. Those insecurities overtake our desire to be part of a team.

We must fight against it. 

We must encourage others.

We must believe that we are stronger together.

So who can you bring into creating with you this week? What volunteer has more potential than what you are giving them? 

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