Let’s All Create III of IV

 This is part three of a four-part series. Some of the concepts explored refer to an early blog, you can find part one here and part two here.
Crisp, white, clean paper. It seems to always hold a beautiful, yet ironic poem. A poem that screams “CREATE!” while at the same time whispering close to my heart “you are not good enough.”
And when we put the final touches on our art, the whisper seems to get louder, like the ink somehow fuels that whispered into a yell. A yell that often becomes crippling to our desire to share.
So we take that sketchbook and stash it under the bed. The song finds its way to the bottom of the drawer. Our response to God’s great creation becomes buried because it. is. just. not. good. enough. The response that is within becomes trapped, and we suppress its desire to escape.
Yet, God calls us, in all circumstances to be brave.
Be brave and share your art.
If you consider yourself creative, if you are one of the adults who was able to cling to your creative nature then maybe, we are responsible to share our art.
Dig out that sketchbook and Instagram a page.
Find that song and post it on YouTube.
Respond to the world around you.
Respond to God’s love, His art, His creation.
And when you are brave, and you are share your art, you may just give someone else the courage they need to share their’s.

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