Creating a Creative Meeting

If you are a creative, chances are you don’t like meetings. The stale conference room, the plain powerpoint presentation, and the person that just keeps talking (you know who you are).

But a brainstorming meeting, those can be different. Let me give you a little insight into our meetings at Cross Point. 

A brainstorm meeting is when we invite people from our staff and volunteers to circle up and dream about the next series.

Here are a few of my best tips for creating a great creative brainstorming meeting. 

1. Get off-site. No one is going to be able to focus when their desk with a to-do list is feet away. Move somewhere with a vibe and get away for a little bit. Sometimes this is a park, other times it is a place that goes hand-in-hand with your next series theme, and other times it is a room that can fit all of you. 

2. Set the atmosphere. Music, decor, temperature — it all matters. Christmas music needs to play when you are dreaming about December, not when you are imagining how you will kick off the new year. 

3. Lay the ground rules. Creatives hate rules, but we have rules of engagement for our meetings. We go over them and print them out for each person to have at the meeting (you can download the PDF below).

• No bad ideas. We are here to dream and encourage.

• The sky is the limit. There are no limits right now so give us your craziest ideas.

• Your ideas are valued. And even if you do not see your exact idea on a Sunday it may inspire the idea that is put into action.

4. Tactical learning. We are creatives, we think different. And you are likely the kid that never wanted to sit still. So when you get creatives in a room together don’t make them all sit still. Pull out the tennis balls, Play-doh and scrap paper.

5. Food. All good meetings have food and it is one of the easiest things I have found to theme. I always try to add peppermints to the tables as well. Studies show peppermint helps stimulate the mind and recollection. 

6. Different people bring different ideas. With that being said, invite everyone! The more the merrier. 

7. Focus on your mission statement and your target audience. Your mission statement will not change, the methods will. We create a profile of someone we are looking to target and refer to this character throughout our brainstorming meeting. Allowing people to remember the Why behind our ideas and our art makes the art that much stronger.

What are your tips for a great creative meeting?

Creative Meeting Rules

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